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Arkansas Fraternal Order of Police announces opposition to marijuana Issue 4

On Wednesday, the Arkansas Fraternal Order of Police announced the organization encourages
voters to vote “against” Issue 4, the proposed amendment to legalize marijuana in Arkansas.

In a statement, the Arkansas Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge said, “The Arkansas Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge is NOT supportive of Issue 4.” The statement urged voters to understand Issue 4, saying, “Don’t be misled, be informed. Again, we in no way support this legislation and hope that after careful consideration the voters will vote NO on Issue 4.”

The Arkansas Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge also addressed advertisements for Issue 4 that have implied tax money from Issue 4 will produce over $40 million dollars for Police and Public Safety. “This statement is extremely misleading by implying the money is allocated for that purpose and implies that Law Enforcement supports the legalization of recreational marijuana.”

Family Council Action Committee Executive Director Jerry Cox released a statement saying, “Issue 4’s supporters have told people that this amendment will provide funding for our police, but law enforcement in Arkansas does not support Issue 4. We saw that a few weeks ago when the Little Rock City Attorney sent Responsible Growth Arkansas a cease-and-desist letter, because the ads for Issue 4 used video footage of Little Rock police officers without the officers’ knowledge or consent. The Little Rock Police Department made it clear at that time that the department has not endorsed marijuana amendment Issue 4. This statement from the Fraternal Order of Police further goes to show that Issue 4 is a bad deal for Arkansas.”

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