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Downtown salon brings luxury experience to Mountain Home

The complete overhaul of downtown Mountain Home has seen some businesses come and go, but the signs of expansion and growth are still there.

Earlier this year, one of Mountain Home’s long-time hair salons, Shiny Lime, decided to get on the expansion of the newly energized downtown district after its owner, Jessi Harbour, made the decision to elevate her salons experience for customers.

Today, Shiny Lime offers Mountain Home residents a luxury salon experience while only being a short walk away from fashionable boutiques, jewelry stores, Arkansas’s highest-rated brewery, a cozy coffee shop, and a trendy wine bar.

“Most people knew we were around here because we’ve been around for a long time,” said Jessi Harbour, owner of Shiny Lime. “But it definitely has kind of exploded since we’ve been down here, which is great.”

Jessi Harbour poses for a photo inside Shiny Lime’s new downtown location in Mountain Home. Harbour moved Shiny Lime to its new location after watching the downtown district reshape itself over the past few years. Photo by Chris Fulton/MHO.

While she may be San Diego-born, Harbour is a Mountain Home woman through and through after spending most of her life growing up in one of the Ozark’s fastest-growing cities.

After graduating from high school, Harbour decided to follow in her mother and grandmother’s footsteps by attending beauty school in Highland. She would go on to open Shiny Lime at its East 9th Street location in Mountain Home in 2007.

“I was really young and really had no idea what I was doing, but I didn’t really have anything to lose,” Harbour said. “I think that probably the best part of the job is the connection that you get with your clients. You know, getting to help build their confidence and make them feel proud of who they are and what they’re doing.”

And while she may not have known what she was doing back then, Harbour knows what she’s doing now.

Shiny Lime offers six full high-end bays for hairstylists to work from and also includes a full-time esthetician that covers all things skincare, eyelashes, and more.

The new location also boasts a clean, modern aesthetic that compliments many of the other renovated buildings in the downtown area and features a full roster of high-end products from brands like Oribe that most customers don’t see at salons in Mountain Home.

“The industry has changed a lot in the last five years,” Harbour said. “The technology in the products that we have has just grown leaps and bounds. The whole idea of moving it down here into this space was to elevate the experience altogether. When I first got into the industry, it was highly competitive and highly secretive as far as you know, color combinations and all of that. It’s not that way anymore.”

Harbour said that support from her staff and the community has been tremendous and helped to ease her nerves as she navigated the COVID-19 pandemic during the shift to the new location.

She said that new locations might be on the horizon in the future, but for now, the focus is on finding stability in her new home.

“Our clients are incredible,” Harbour said on navigating COVID-19 through the transition. “Everybody kind of rallied, and they would buy products, or they would buy hair color from us to do it at home. Just to support the best they could, you know? We’ve got some of the best clients.

Shiny Lime accepts walk-ins but prefers scheduled appointments in advance. The average cost of getting color and extensions runs about $100. For more information on Shiny Lime, please call (870) 425-5711.

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