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Reading and subscribing

How can I subscribe to the Observer?

You can head over to this page and subscribe online. It is not a print subscription. The Observer is a digital-only subscription.

How do digital subscriptions work?

Once you are subscribed and have a user account, you will need to be logged in to your account to continue reading articles from our journalists.

What is included in my digital subscription?

All access pass to all articles written by our journalists are included with your $7.99 subscription.

Is there any free content on the Observer?

Yes, any news we receive that is “submitted news”, such as press releases like those commonly found from the Baxter County Library or Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, will be free for public consumption. Submitted news that requires our newsroom to heavily edit or re-write an article in format will not be available as free news.

Is there a print edition?

We do not have a print edition at this time but we are exploring this possibility. Please sign up for our print waitlist if this product interests you.

How can I get notified of new articles being published?

Articles are currently published around 2 a.m. Monday through Friday. Paid subscribers have the option to receive a daily email with story previews for the day.

Is my debit/credit card information stored securely?

Yes, card information is stored by our third-party payment processing provider, Stripe. The Observer does not store any payment information in its own data center. The Observer owners and staff are unable to see your card information except for the last 4 digits and expiration date. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

I need to update my card information for my account. How can I do this?

Subscribers can log in to their account and click the “My Account” page. There will be a link to update billing information. This is the safest way to update your card information. Please do not ever send your debit or credit card information through email. This is highly insecure.

How can I cancel my digital subscription?

You may log in to your account page and click on the link that says ‘Cancel Membership’. Our product is 100% self-service for signup and cancellation. Emailing a request to cancel your membership will not cancel your service.

Is there an app for my phone or tablet?

Not yet! This is in the works and will likely launch on Android/Google before iPhone/Apple.

Reporting/covering events, topics, people or organizations

Will you come to the event I organized and cover it?

Typically yes, so long as you notify us via email at [email protected] of the schedule at least 1 week in advance or 2 weeks, preferable. It becomes challenging to attend and cover your event if you notify us not even 24-48 hours in advance that something is occurring in the community. Our publication and interview schedules are planned 5-10 days out. If you do not notify us well in advance it is likely we are already booked for a certain time slot covering something else.

Why hasn’t my story been published yet? Can you publish my story on a specific day?

We cannot guarantee a specific date a story will be published. At times, there may be other stories that crop up that need to be published in a more timely manner before others, usually the case in government or event driven articles.

You interviewed me, but I didn’t say what’s in quotes, can my quote change?

No, every interview conducted is recorded via audio equipment and our readers have an expectation that the content between the quotation marks is your exact words. We do not “clean up quotes”, only remove such syllables such as “um, ah, uh” as well as false starts. If you have a claim that you did not say something, we will review the audio recording in detail to verify your words. All audio recordings and notes are the property of the Mountain Home Observer and will not be released.

Can you send me an advance copy of the article you are writing about me/my business?

No. Subjects receiving an advance copy of an article undermines the editorial process of a publication. The subject of an article is not entitled to edit, preview, proofread, or otherwise modify the article. Articles are not advertisements, and you are not guaranteed to like or be pleased with your portrayal. Stories about people, families, or businesses with a personal stake: We cannot fact-check everything about your life story, nor will we attempt. What is said by you in your interview is on the record.

Personal/business questions

Are you hiring? Can I work for the Mountain Home Observer?

We are accepting resumes from freelance writers / independent contractors to write columns and/or cover a monthly or bi-weekly beat.

We can not offer regular employed work at this time. We are also exploring a summer internship program for local high school or college students. Interested parties may send their resume to [email protected].

Who owns the Mountain Home Observer?

Chris and Alison Fulton. Please see more information on our About page.

How many people are employed at the Observer?

Technically zero. The Observer is owned and operated by Chris Fulton, with help from his wife, Alison Fulton. The Observer is currently a two-person, husband-and-wife operation. Read more about both Chris and Alison on the About page.

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