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Jayme Nicholson seeks fourth term as Baxter County Assessor

Courtesy of Jayme Nicholson

Jayme Nicholson, a Republican, seeks re-election as Baxter County Assessor for her fourth term.

Nicholson stated, “It is my privilege to serve the citizens of Baxter County, and I hope to be able to continue to do so. I am proud of the many positive changes and accomplishments my staff and I have been able to implement.” 

She also states, “My job as Assessor is something I do not take for granted. My staff and I work tirelessly to keep up with the ever-changing assessment, appraisal, and GIS mapping world. As technology changes and our budget allows, we update our websites, as well as methods used to assess and appraise.”

Baxter County Assessor Jayme Nicholson. Photo by Jayme Nicholson.

The Assessor and her staff are responsible for the ownership transfers of all property deeds, lot splits and newly developed subdivisions in the county. They are continually mapping these changes.

Ms. Nicholson is responsible for Commercial Business and Personal Property assessments for Baxter County, as well as reporting this information to the State of Arkansas.

She works closely with the contracted appraisal company of Total Assessment Solutions Inc, in the reappraisal of all real estate in the county. She represents the Baxter County and its appraisals every year in the Equalization Board Meetings before rolling her assessments and appraisals to the Collector for collections at the end of the year.

Her office is responsible for Homestead applications and exemptions. In 2020, the Assessor took on additional duties of budgeting and managing the 911 Addressing/Mapping Office where new addresses are issued and mapped.

Ms. Nicholson has served on the Arkansas Assessors Association Executive Board for 7 years, serving as Secretary/Treasurer in 2018, as Vice President in 2019, and as President in 2020.

She stated, “I was honored to represent Baxter County on the State level while serving on the Executive Board. While serving as your Baxter County Assessor, I will be continuing my education to keep my appraisal certificate up to date.”  

Ms. Nicholson holds a Level 4 Senior Appraiser Certification from the State of Arkansas.

During her time in office, she declared that her number one goal has been to provide the most courteous and highest level of professional services available to residents of Baxter County. Ms. Nicholson believes with the unwavering support of her staff, that together, they have accomplished this and much more!

Jayme Nicholson has been a resident of Baxter County for 25 years, where she raised two daughters, Stephanie, and Ashley, with her late husband Scott Nicholson. Jayme also has a 3-year-old grandson, Kolton, that she enjoys spending time with.

She would appreciate your continued support and vote in the upcoming 2022 elections.

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