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Kiwanis Club donates funds for back-to-school items as fall semester arrives

Children of Serenity INC. will benefit from the Kiwanis Club of Mountain Home with its donation of $1,000 for Kirstie’s Clothes for Kids.

Active in Mountain Home for 60 years this October, the club chose to fund Kirstie’s Clothes for Kids, which will allow the staff to purchase new back-to-school clothes, shoes, and backpacks as well as other needed items for the children staying in the shelter.

“Kids need Kiwanis now more than ever before, and Kirstie’s Clothes for Kids is an example of how the club can meet a need in the community,” said Erric Totty, Club President.

“Annually, the Kiwanis Club of Mountain Home supports several local projects to benefit children by hosting fundraisers, including a kayak raffle, running a concession stand at Keller Softball field, and running the Kiwanis Burger Booth at the Baxter County Fair. This allows the club to raise money to support projects that benefit children,” said Lisa Sutterfield, Club Secretary.

Melinda Fulton, Program Coordinator of Serenity INC., stated, “We so appreciate the blessing! It’s so important how these kids start their year, and the confidence given to them when they have choices about apparel is a big one at their ages!”

1st Choice Home Care Office Coordinator Tamara Harvie also donated some cleaning items to Serenity. Tamara is also a Kiwanis member. 

The Kiwanis Club of Mountain Home welcomes new members who want to serve their community. Information about becoming a member is available by contacting Lisa Sutterfield, Club Secretary, at 870-421-8024 or by joining a meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at noon at The Elks Club in Mountain Home.

Kiwanis International was founded in 1915 by a group of businessmen in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The organization was originally called the Supreme Lodge Benevolent Order of Brothers, but changed its name to Kiwanis a year later.

The name “Kiwanis” was coined from an American Indian expression, “Nunc Kee-wanis,” which means, “We trade.” In 1920, the motto of Kiwanis became “We Build.” It remained the motto until 2005, when members voted to change it to “Serving the children of the world.” In the early years, members focused on business networking but in 1919, the organization changed its focus to service — specifically service to children.

Kiwanis became an international organization with the founding of the Kiwanis Club of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 1916. Kiwanis clubs formed in communities across the United States and Canada until the 1960s, when worldwide expansion was approved. Today, Kiwanis clubs are helping children thrive, prosper and grow in nearly 80 nations and geographic locations.  

All people are welcome to participate in the Kiwanis movement of improving communities for children. In 1987, women were invited to join. In 2008, delegates approved a resolution that calls for Kiwanis clubs to celebrate and foster inclusiveness.

For further information on how you can provide assistance to Serenity INC., please contact Melinda Fulton, Program Coordinator, Nicole Brakebill, Executive Director/Shelter Manager, or Sabier Miller, Shelter Case Manager, at 870-425-7576.

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