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Monopoly comes to the Ozarks with Branson themed version of classic game

Monopoly lovers of Mountain Home, your chance to play your favorite game with some Ozark flair is right around the corner.

Top Trumps USA, the owners of the Monopoly brand, have announced their intentions to launch a Branson, Missouri-themed version of the game.

And while Branson isn’t Mountain Home or Baxter County, the new version of the game is the closest chance at experiencing an Ozark-themed board game from one of the world’s most famous board game companies.

“Branson is being immortalized in a most unique way,” said Katie Hubbard, a representative from Top Trumps USA. “Branson is known for a focus on entertainment and activities for the entire family. From its natural lakes to the rolling Ozark Mountains, which ultimately became the cradle for one of the biggest entertainment meccas west of Nashville, Branson has a rich history in entertainment and hospitality. We’re so excited to have this opportunity to capture what residents and visitors see as iconic Branson.”

To help launch the Branson version of Monopoly, Top Trumps USA is asking Ozark residents, business leaders, and visitors for help picking which attraction, neighborhoods, businesses, and nonprofits to feature in its game.

If chosen, several neighborhoods, locations, and businesses would become immortalized in the Monopoly universe when the game launches.

Top Trumps USA said the game would launch in 2023 under license from Hasbro, the famous toy company, and is seeking to include some of the most well-established attractions in Branson to create an enduring tribute to one of the most popular destinations in Missouri.

Tops Trumps USA said Monopoly Branson would replace the perennial board game’s famous Atlantic City squares, from Boardwalk to Park Place, with Branson businesses, nonprofits, neighborhoods, and landmarks. The Branson board will also include a customized Community Chest, Chance playing cards, and money, ensuring each detail of the game pays homage to a city that has become one of the gems in the Ozarks’ crown.

Monopoly was first invented in 1903 by Elizabeth Maggie under the name “The Landlord’s Game.”

Maggie developed the game to represent capitalism and how it could work to everyone’s advantage but failed to gain the attention that she was looking for. She filed a partial patent for the game in 1906.

In 1934, Charles Darrow, the man who would incorrectly be credited as the inventor of Monopoly, took the game and created the look and feel that Monopoly lovers are familiar with today. Darrow’s changes were a hit with players. He would later sell to Parker Brothers, who would simplify the rules for the game. After learning that Darrow had taken the game idea from Maggie, Parker Brothers bought the rights to her patents for $500. She would not receive royalties from sales of the game.

Darrow was introduced to Maggie’s game by family friend Esther Jones. He loved the game so much that he took it, modified it, and began marketing it under Monopoly.

He added colors, property names, and prices on the boards while putting houses and hotels on them to make them more appealing to players.

Hasbro purchased Parker Brothers in 1991.

To ensure the board captures the essential elements of Branson culture, Top Trumps USA is soliciting recommendations from the public about which locations should be included as squares on the board. Businesses and nonprofits have the momentous opportunity to be part of the board for life. Public submissions and business inquiries can be sent to for consideration.

Monopoly Branson will debut in 2023 and will be available in stores and online at retail partners, including CVS, Amazon, and more.

To learn more about Monopoly city experience boards, visit

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