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Mountain Home City Clerk Brian Plumlee Officially Announces Candidacy for Baxter County Judge

Courtesy of Brian Plumlee

Brian Plumlee, Mountain Home City Clerk, has announced his candidacy for Baxter County Judge in 2022. 

“After much thought and prayer with friends, family, and citizens of Baxter County, it is with great excitement that I am officially announcing my campaign for Baxter County Judge,” said Plumlee. “If elected I will apply my conservative principles to the job. I will do everything in my power to support our Veterans and local law enforcement.

As Judge, I will work with our legislators to protect our First and Second Amendment rights. I will also have a close working relationship with all of the cities and towns in Baxter County, we can do more working together. Fiscal discipline and government transparency is a must. 

Lastly, when I am County Judge, I will bring the Nativity Scene back to our Court House. In 2015, Baxter County was taken to court and ordered to remove the Nativity Scene that had stood in our town square for generations. Since then, in 2021, the 7th circuit court of appeals in Woodring vs. Jackson County ruled that the Nativity Scene is welcome in the public square. The court ruled that the manger scene “fits within a long national tradition of using the nativity scene in broader holiday displays to ‘depict the historical origin’ of Christmas — a ‘traditional event long recognized as a National Holiday.’” To make this decision, the 7th Circuit relied upon the Supreme Court’s decision in American Legion vs. American Humanist Association that said historical monuments do not violate the first amendment even if they have religious roots. 

President Trump taught us how to forward the cause of Conservatism. He also fought for our values. With your help and your vote, I will fight the same way to bring our Nativity Scene back to Baxter County. I am humbly asking for your vote for Baxter County Judge in the Republican Primary on May 24, 2022.”

Photo by Brian Plumlee.

About Brian Plumlee

Brian is a native of Mountain Home, Arkansas. Brian’s passion for government and public service started in childhood, and he has kept his enthusiasm alive for 35 years. He was president of the Class of 2004 at Mountain Home High School. After attending the University of Arkansas, at the age of 23 years, Brian was elected as City Clerk to the City of Mountain Home, which established him as the youngest elected official in the state. Since then, Brian has worked to keep this corner of the Ozarks the greatest place to live in the state, and he wants to use his extensive experience to serve all of Baxter County.

Brian served as the chairman for the Baxter County Republicans from 2018 to 2020 and was elected an Alternate Delegate to support Donald Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention. In his free time, Brian enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time on the family farm. He lives in Mountain Home with his wife Lucy and his English Retriever Sugar.

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