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School choice supporters win in Arkansas 

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates all the candidates the Arkansas Federation for Children Action Fund supported in Tuesday’s general election.

School choice was a top issue during Arkansas’s 2022 legislative session, when the Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids program, the state’s second school choice program, narrowly passed the House. It continued to be a key issue in the primary races throughout the state, where candidates who support school choice and parental empowerment handily beat establishment candidates. 

We would also like to congratulate Arkansas Governor-Elect Sarah Sanders on her historic victory last night.  She has made it clear that, as governor, she will ensure families in Arkansas have more opportunities and that money should follow the child, funding students, not systems. 

Statement from Tommy Schultz, CEO of American Federation for Children: 

“For decades, Arkansas families, by a large majority and regardless of party, have shown support for and desired more programs to expand options for their children. Last night’s results show educational freedom is a winning issue at the ballot box, and voters expect their elected officials to reflect their interests in the state legislature.”


The Arkansas Federation for Children Action Fund supported the following successful candidates in the Arkansas General Election:

  1. Senator Jonathan Dismang – Arkansas Senate – District 18
  2. Senator Jane English – Arkansas Senate – District 13
  3. Senator Scott Flippo – Arkansas Senate – District 2
  4. DeAnna Hodges – Arkansas House – District 9
  5. Grant Hodges – Arkansas House – District 14
  6. Matt McKee – Arkansas Senate – District 6
  7. Rep. Clint Penzo – Arkansas Senate – District 31
  8. Matt Stone – Arkansas Senate – District 2

Additionally, AFC Action Fund supported Trent Minner (Arkansas House, District 56), whose race remains too close to call.

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