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Arkansas payroll withholding tables won’t be adjusted for special session tax credit

Arkansas tax officials won’t tweak payroll withholding guidelines again this year following another round of income tax cuts enacted by the General Assembly in last month’s special session. That means taxpayers won’t see relief from the $150 tax credit on their paychecks; instead, they’ll see larger refunds or lower tax liability when they claim the…

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Arkansas officials’ security records shielded from public under altered FOIA law

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a law Thursday altering the state’s Freedom of Information Act, one of her stated goals of the special legislative session she called for this week. Senate Bill 10, which passed the Senate on Wednesday and the House on Thursday, shields from public access all records and communications concerning the…

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Gov. Sanders’ attempt to hide records with FOIA reforms joins father’s legacy of government secrecy

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has blinked. Following a long and messy second day that saw dozens of Arkansans testify before the State Agencies Committee in the Senate, Sanders called for both the House and the Senate to limit FOIA reforms to only touch security, backing down from her attempt to shield the executive branch…

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Tidal wave of opposition swamps Arkansas governor’s FOIA battleship

UPDATE: Senate President Pro Tempore Bart Hester late Monday night introduced a new version of the bill to add exemptions to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. It can be read here. Proposed new exemptions to Arkansas’ Freedom of Information Act drew strong opposition across the political spectrum over the weekend, forcing legislative leaders to scramble…

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