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Wire fraud and Vegas withdrawals, new court filing reveals extent of Whispering Oaks alleged con man’s theft

Update: This story has been updated to reflect that Brian Sides has now asked the court in his case against Mark Feltrop to respect his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination. Sides is now facing felony charges in Texas County, Missouri, after Feltrop brought his situation to the county's prosecuting attorney. The search for…

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‘Evil, but smart’: Victims of Branson contractor and Whispering Oaks RV park owner come forward

Nearly a year after being confronted and exposed by local Mallard Point residents, one of the co-owners of the now abandoned Whispering Oaks Luxury RV Park is back in court, and the news, as his long trail of lies and deceit finally catches up to him. Branson Missouri’s Eddie Brian Sides and his wife, Stacey…

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