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Governor Asa Hutchinson Ukraine

Governor Hutchinson Presents Final Balanced Budget To The Joint Budget Committee

Governor Asa Hutchinson presented his final balanced budget to the Joint Budget Committee: As Governor Hutchinson’s administration comes to an end, Arkansas is in the strongest financial position in the state’s history with $2.78 billion in reserve funding. This includes: The Catastrophic Reserve Fund, established by the Governor and Arkansas General Assembly, has a balance…

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Governor announces expansion to rural health services with ARHOME Medicaid program

Arkansas’s request to amend its Medicaid expansion program, Arkansas Health and Opportunity for Me (ARHOME), to include an innovative service called Life360 HOMEs has been approved by the Centers for Medicare (CMS) and Medicaid Services, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced today.  ARHOME replaced Arkansas Works, the prior version of the Medicaid expansion health coverage program in…

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Governor Hutchinson: Biden’s Proposed Marijuana Policy

Governor Hutchinson's weekly radio address can be found in MP3 format and downloaded HERE. Today I would like to talk about the recently proposed policies on marijuana from the Biden administration, and why the administration’s proposal is not the best approach for Arkansas and our nation. Last week President Biden announced his new policy on marijuana which included granting pardons…

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