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Not so done after all! OMSWD votes to approve termination of NABORS landfill sale to LRS after company backs out of deal

After months of being told that the sale of NABORS landfill to Illinois-based Lakeshore Recycling Systems was a “done deal,” the Ozark Mountain Solid Waste District Board voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon to accept the company’s request to officially terminate the $500,000 sale contract over the scandal-ridden landfill. The termination request, which was presented by district…

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Pulaski County judge grants bailout to NABORS bondholders, Courts war over opposing rulings

Ozark Mountain Solid Waste District taxpayers can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to getting their money back after several courts have ruled that the $18 service fee that was imposed against them following the closure of NABORS Landfill was ruled unconstitutional. Carroll County taxpayers were close to getting their money back after…

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Bank OZK held in contempt in NABORS Landfill suit, court docs reveal ADEQ/bondholder plot for taxpayer bailout

Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Scott Jackson has found the Bank of the Ozarks, now Bank OZK, to be in contempt of court over refusing to return $433,987.10 in taxpayer money to the court’s registry after ruling that the Ozark Mountain Solid Waste District’s $18 NABORS tax was unconstitutional. Bank OZK was given until Aug.…

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Baxter County to ask OMSWD/ADEQ to issue certificate of closure for NABORS landfill

After a long stretch of relative silence, the Ozark Mountain Solid Waste District is experiencing some movement on the sale of NABORS landfill to waste company LRS. On Tuesday, Baxter County will formerly request a certificate of closure from ADEQ over the controversial landfill during a special waste district meeting in Harrison, Arkansas. The move…

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Sanders signs bill that would require LRS to pay $13 million to reopen NABORS landfill

Arkansas's popular Governor has signed HB1744. The bill, which was supported by Arkansas Senator Scott Flippo and Arkansas State Representative Stetson Painter, will require Illinois based LRS to reimburse $13 million to the state for the closure of NABORS Landfill, if the company decides to go ahead with its purchase and reopen the landfill.…

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LRS would be required to pay $13 million to reopen NABORS landfill if new bill signed by Sanders

The Ozark Mountain Solid Waste District’s attempted sale of NABORS landfill to Illinois based company Lakeshore Recycling System (LRS) may soon hit another speed bump if Governor Sarah Huckabee-Sanders signs a new bill amending the state’s environmental law surrounding its Landfill Post-Closure Trust fund. HB1744 was recently given the nod by the Arkansas State Senate…

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Friends of the White River rebut LRS op-ed on NABORS landfill in Bulletin

Last week, a guest column by Mr. Rusty Janssen, Senior Vice President for LRS South, was published in this space [in the Baxter Bulletin]. In his column he addressed the emerging controversy surrounding the proposed sale and reopening of the failed, environmentally hazardous NABORS landfill in Baxter County. After claiming that much “misleading information” and…

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