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The Baxter County Library: Special Collections

Courtesy of Baxter County Library

Did you know that you can get a close-up view of the moon, learn to play an instrument, or catch a fish with items you check out at the Library? The Baxter County Library’s Special Collections including telescopes, ukuleles, fishing poles, DVD players, and more, makes hands-on learning possible.

With special thanks to the Arkansas Natural Sky Association, there are three Orion telescopes available for checkout. The usual library telescope is a modified 4.5″ Orion StarBlast telescope that will gather several hundred times more lights than the naked eye and comes with a zoom eyepiece that will magnify between 20 and 60 times. It is suitable for observing the moon, brighter planets, such as Saturn and Jupiter, and can “split” some double stars. Each check out includes an Orion telescope attached to a base, a how-to guide, a learning the constellations library telescope manual, and a Nite-ize LED red light.

Have you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument? How about trying a Ukulele or “jumping flea,” as it roughly translates? The Library has three ukuleles currently available for check out. Sorry, Hawaiian leis and grass skirts are not available.

With all the lakes and rivers you can ask for, fishing is a fun activity to try out! There are five fishing pole/tackle box sets available for check out at the Baxter County Library. Each checkout includes a fishing pole with a tackle box full of fishing essentials.

Maybe you’re looking for something to do indoors with your children. Then, the Library’s Children’s Activity kits are a perfect idea. Check out one of these simple activities that encourage visual exploration and physical discovery, as well as critical reading aloud activities begin the language development and other essential developmental skills. In addition, the activity kits promote fun and bonding with children for family and caregivers. Each checkout includes eight unique family engagement activity cards, a book, and hands-on manipulatives.

DVD and CD Players are now available for check out at the Library. Would you like to watch a movie during your next road trip or when you are away from the house? The Library has three portable DVD players available for check out. Each checkout includes a portable DVD player, power adapter for a building and a car, and carrying case. Do you want to check out an audiobook on CD and have no way of listening to it? Check out a CD player at the Library! 

Last, but certainly not least, is Book Club in a Bag. Each checkout includes a canvas bag that contains at least five copies of the same book with a list of discussion questions. Book Club in a Bag is an excellent opportunity to start your book club or discover new books with friends.

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