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Valentine Day Spotlight: John and Eve Morgeson

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is officially in the air!

Instead of writing an article about all of the places that you can take your significant other tonight, I’m opting to tell you the love story of John and Eve Morgeson, because relationships like theirs are what this day is all about.

John and Eve’s story is not a typical love story. It actually began in a Walmart of all places, after Eve bumped into John’s mother while shopping.

John, who was currently serving in the Army, was overseas in Germany. While talking to John’s mother, Eve asked if she could have his contact information because she would like to become pen pals with him while he was overseas.

The two wrote letters back and forth for a year, building a relationship and falling in love with each other without even meeting face to face. After a long year, John and Eve finally met for the first time on April 19, 1980.

They would get married one short month later on May 19.

John and Eve have been happily married ever since and have enjoyed a 41 year long marriage together. After 20 years in the U.S. Army, John retired in 1996 and moved his family right here to Mountain Home, where they have lived ever since.

Congratulations to the Morgeson’s on their long marriage!

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