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Friday after hours at the Baxter County Library

Courtesy of the Baxter County Library

One of the most popular programs for teens at the Donald W. Reynolds Library Serving Baxter County is the Friday After Hours event. Once a month, on Friday night, the fun begins from 6:30 pm to 10 pm after the Library closes. Teens will enjoy snacks and games and never have to worry about the librarian saying “Shhhhhh, quiet, please.”

There are three Teen After Hours events with different themes scheduled for the spring. Murder Mystery (Gone Wrong) will be on Friday, March 11. Teens will have to figure out who did it in a comedy play version of a murder mystery dinner. It’s going to be epic! Next, on Friday, April 22, it will be Pokemon-themed with a scavenger hunt, trivia, and games.

Finally, Friday, May 13, will be Music Mania. There will be an open mic night, music trivia, and more. It will be a blast.

For more information on Library events and programs, go to and click on the calendar.

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